Today’s club building that is located in Tallinn by the Viru Square was built under the leadership of the Tallinn City and the Fire-fighting Association in 1872-1873. The architect of the building was Ferdinand Kordes.

Club activities took place in the legendary firemen’s house already since the very first years of the building – both choirs and the orchestra rehearsed in it.
Since 1947, the club premises were used by the Tallinn Militia Club. During those years, the club also functioned as a cinema hall.

In 1952, the building was named the Tallinn Fire-Fighting House and in addition to fire-fighting the club activities were also energetically started in it; one of the most popular theatre clubs worked in the building, the folk dance group “Tuisuline” and mixed choir “Sõprus” rehearsed there.

In 1955-57, the building became also popular as a dance hall where until the end of the Soviet power the most popular discotheque was operating.

In January 2000, the Venus Club was opened that quickly became one of the most popular night-clubs in the city.

On February 4, 2005, the new Venus Club was opened.

On 26.06.09 regenerated Venus Club with new imago was opened.


    Thursday is a new Friday.Let’s start the weekend on Thursday!Music will be played by DJ AIVAR HAVI.At the bar counter

  • BACK TO THE 90´S

    On Friday we will turn back time and go back to the 90´s.Best 90´s hits will be played DJ Raigo


    Give a warm welcome to a “Candy Shop”.This is night with pest new and old school Urban, Soul, Funk, House,

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