Venus Club rules
Please familiarize yourself with the following bylaws in order to make your time spent at the nightclub entertaining and enjoyable.

1. During the summer period, the nightclub is opened 7 days a week: from Sun to Thu 23:00 – 04:00 and Fri – Sat 23:00 – 05:00. During the winter period the nightclub is opened 6 days a week: from Tue to Thu and Sun 23:00 – 04:00 and Fri – Sat 23:00 – 05:00.
The club management has the right to change the operating hours of the club.
2. All over-21-year-olds who have the corresponding Club Card or ticket will be admitted to the club. The club workers have the right to check for the existence of a Club Card or ticket and to control the age of the guest, which must be proven by presenting a valid document (ID card, passport, driver’s license). Club Cards must not be given to other persons, copied or changed. The Club Card belongs to the Club and is subject to return to the Club. Visitors’ attire must be suitable for spending time in the Club. Sports clothes and sports shoes are prohibited. The admission ticket purchased by the guest becomes invalid once the guest leaves the Club.
3. A video security system operates in the nightclub. Security control takes place upon entering the Club. Persons refused to submit to security control will not be allowed in the Club.
4. The Club reserves the right to decide who to allow or not allow into the nightclub.

1. Entering the Club with weapons or other items, including ammunition, explosives, combustible or poisonous material, or radioactive material. Weapons cannot be checked at the Club.
2. Bringing alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances. Possessing, using or selling narcotics or psychotropic substances on the Club premises.
3. Bringing animals with them onto the Club premises.
4. Entering the Club premises in street clothes.
5. Photographing or filming in the Club without special permission.
6. Smoking is prohibited in the nightclub. Smoking is only allowed in specially assigned rooms.

1. The Club staff have the right to refuse to serve persons that are younger than the established age limit, who are visible drunk or under the influence of narcotics or psychotropic substances or are not wearing clothing that is appropriate for the Club.
2. Guests that break or ruin Club property are obligated to compensate the damage caused by them to the full extent.
3. Guests that violate the bylaws may be ordered by the Club workers to leave the Club, the club member status of the corresponding guests may be terminated and their Club Cards declared invalid. Such justified orders are compulsory for the guests.
4. The guests have the right to submit complaints to the responsible Club worker, whose decision regarding the issue under dispute is final and binding. The responsible Club worker shall base his/her decision on the provisions of these bylaws and the safety of the Club’s guests. Therefore, the Club reserves the right to ban guests that do not obey the Club’s bylaws from the Club.
5. The Club is not responsible for items left without supervision on the Club premises.
6. The Club is not responsible for items left in the pockets of street clothing or other items left in the coat check. The fine for losing the coat check tag is 7 EUR.
7. The Venus Club reserves the right to amend or supplement these bylaws at any time.

The bylaws were approved by the management of Venusclub OÜ on 14 August 2014.